Saturday, March 31, 2018

Surfing Scotland in the snow barrel visions by a GoPro POV tube view tail mount

Sit back, relax & escape into some mesmerizing icy tubes, being filmed from a tube view tail mount, mouth & surfboard nose camera angles.

Filmed & edited by Ian Battrick, giving you an insight and feel into winter living. Using all self designed, tested & produced Lunasurf accessories. From wearing a Lunasurf 6.4mm hooded wetsuit, to riding Luna full surfboard deck grip, leash & our signature Lunasurf thruster & quad fin templates for Futures Fins - Lunasurf is an independent company started by a friend & I.

Tube View Mount - For capturing epic barrel visions. It won't break off your board. Fits all GoPro's.

Riding Fourth surfboards Tail camera riding the Lunasurf Quad fin template Grey board riding the Lunasurf thruster template

The warmest winter wetsuits - Lunasurf Yamamoto hooded wetsuit
Lunasurf full deck grip

Snow, surf, silence.
Lunasurf 6.4mm wetsuit

Liquid gold

All white Lunasurf full grip surfboard traction

Sunset view GoPro

Lunasurf winter wetsuit & full deck grip

Freefall floater staying stuck with Lunasurf full grip

Lunasurf signature thruster surfboard fins template loves to go fast

Lunasurf 8ft leash

Lunasurf cold water wetsuit

Lunasurf Yamamoto Japanese Limestone based neoprene 6.4mm hoooded winter wetsuit

The most high performance, warmest wetsuit for men women and children Lunasurf wetsuits

Sunset GoPro HERO6 tail tube view mount

Full moon surfing

Surfing GoPro HERO6 POV vision surfing under a full moon in Scotland

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